Cultural Intelligence (CQ)  

Cultural Intelligence is the ability to work across cultures with confidence and understanding.

Professor Soong Chan-Rah states that 'Cultural Intelligence is the understanding of one's own culture and the respectful assertion into the larger dialogue so that you are engaged and therefore tread lightly, adding richness to that dialogue. This creates cultural diversity and inclusion'  

As we move into an increasingly diverse world, the need to put a ‘cultural lens’ onto our personal and professional lives has never been greater.

We are continuously exposed to opportunities to explore a new context. Understanding and identifying all the unseen pillars of our own cultural behaviours, values and norms is a vital step towards developing CQ.

A useful way to start thinking about the process of Cultural Intelligence is to use the ‘CQ Wheel’ developed by the CQ Center in Grand Rapids Michigan. {https://culturalq.com/}

CQ Wheel Overview:

 – Your interest and willingness to want to function effectively across cultures

KNOWLEDGE – Your understanding of how cultures are different and impact on day to day business

STRATEGY – How you will use your knowledge to plan for cross-cultural interactions

ACTION – Time to adapt your behaviour accordingly, implement all these steps and engage