See yourself
and others through
a new


"We strive to build communities of collaboration by celebrating diversity and the dynamics of difference"

What does Mahana do?

We teach you to see people through a different lens

In our changing world, the need for understanding people - ALL people, regardless of gender, sexuality, faith, age, ability or ethnicity – has never been more essential to our success in life, both personally and professionally. Yet how do we possibly adapt to this rainbow of diversity?

Mahana has a different groove. We explore and harness the inner diversity that individuals and organisations hold, and utilise this knowledge to go forth and conquer!

Your diversity + their diversity = opportunity! 

What if you [or your staff] could navigate any challenge, regardless of the differences you encountered? What if you explored your own diversity as a means to understand others?

Are you ready for an inclusive and innovative workplace? Utilising cultural intelligence, unconscious bias, and emotional intelligence, Mahana offers a whole new lens to enhance  and ignite your work!

As we move towards an increasingly diverse world, the need to put a ‘cultural lens’ onto our personal and professional lives has never been greater."

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Which Lens are you looking through?


Who are you? What is your diversity? Which lens do you see the world you live and work in? All these questions will be explored in a unique and fun filled journey into YOU. Learning how to use cultural intelligence as a tool will help you navigate the cultural challenges you encounter, and you'll soon be living by our mantra... once you go Mahana, you never go back!  



 Ready to harness the diversity that already lies within your staff? Are you down for utilising this diversity to build a solid organisational cultural base? Culture is the sum of the parts! Know your parts and make sure your business/organisation is equipped to turn this knowledge into efficiency, retention, innovation and profit. In the words of Jerry Maguire....'We complete you!'

 Anita Harnden 

 Victorian State Government 


“The best training I've ever taken in my nearly 20 year career. This has been something I've used at every interaction, each strategic step, and also in life outside of work. Do yourself a favour people, get on it”.

Mahana delivers tailored services with PEOPLE at the centre - but we do it differently!

We believe our services are life changing, but on top of that we do it Mahana Style



Unique ways of learning

At Mahana we are all about activity based learning. We'll present the important theory and frameworks, but embed those with creative, thoughtful and fun activities to then reflect on. 



We roll deep! You'll always have a team of our facilitators to learn from and share with. We'll tailor our team to suit your needs and make sure that we walk the walk in terms of showcasing our own Mahana diversity.



Once upon a time Mahana used Stories as a means to embed our knowledge. We share ours, you share yours, and we all live happily ever after!


Food & laughter

We love food. No really, we LOVE food! We also love a good laugh, so we facilitate spaces to share our knowledge and stories. Together we will eat (great food), laugh and learn.