A New Way of Seeing and Being


A New Way of Seeing and Being

Our signature professional learning journey is now accessible virtually, via video forum.

Join us, as we deep-dive into a five-week exploration of culturally responsive practice, that starts with YOU!

 Here at Mahana Culture we are in the business of

T R A N S F O R M A T I O N . . .

We offer individuals and organisations a new LENS to navigate intercultural complexity, increase relational awareness and nurture culturally-safe practices, policies and spaces.
We call this space: Vā. 

Walk with us as we share with you our language; a conceptual framework encompassing five stages, each of which are applicable at the personal, cultural and institutional level. 

Recognise – Awaken – Explore –
Nurture – Emerge

Let us stand together at the threshold of new understanding, with compassionate curiosity and cultural humility. First, we invite you to direct your focus inward, to discover your own unique cultural tale and gently uncover your formative influences, inherent value systems and implicit beliefs and biases. 

Research suggests, only when we are armed with this self-knowledge, can we develop the capacity to create and maintain culturally-safe and responsive systems for others.

“I'd definitely recommend this course to colleagues and other organisations. It was great, insightful and culturally appropriate.”

So, are you in?

Get in touch with to reserve a seat for you and your team, at the Mahana family-table.

Course Structure:
Using our Vā Conceptual Framework as a way-finder, we invite you into a virtual learning space enriched by a rigorous theoretical base and a personalised and experiential approach. Together, we facilitate a safe forum to enrich your learning, listen to diverse perspectives and apply new-found awareness to your workplace context, at the every-day, relational and strategic level. 

Week 1: Recognise (90 minutes)
Vā – the space between us.
Introduction to our Vā Conceptual Framework: ‘A Culture- Centered Pedagogy’.

Week 2: Awaken (90 minutes)
Tu le Vā – to stand in the space.
Awaken your own cultural tale, exploring indigenous principles and frameworks.

Week 3: Explore (90 minutes)
Iloa le Vā – to understand the space.
Explore individualist and collectivist orientations, the spectrums of cultural expression and the culturally responsive competencies.

Week 4: Nurture (90 minutes)
Teu le Vā – to beautify, nurture and protect the space.
Nurture the ability to recognise and respond to rankism, power imbalance and trauma (cultural, intergenerational and institutional).

Week 5: Emerge (90 minutes)
Puga mai – what emerges from the Vā between us?
Emerge with greater capacity to nurture and maintain cultural safety and resilience using the Personal, Cultural, Institutional (PCI) tool. 

“I have learned so much. Using stories and reflecting on our own culture had the biggest impact. Since this course, I've been able to have conversations with a diverse range of people that have just flowed with ease.”

Course Investment:

For Teams:
$2,995.00 (GST exclusive); cohorts of 15 or less.
Discounts available for Not For Profits and multiple cohorts.


  • 5 x weekly (90 minute) workshops, via video forum (Zoom)
  • Experienced, passionate and creative facilitators
  • Structured learning activities and reflection opportunities
  • Printable e-workbooks
  • Pre and post workshop planning meeting and management debrief 
  • A seat at the Mahana family-table

PCI (Personal – Cultural – Institutional) + CQ Strategy Session (additional cost)

Upon completion of this course, Mahana offers an optional innovative Cultural Intelligence (CQ) strategy building session to transform your learning into action. Mahana has adopted the PCI tool to support teams and organisations to develop strategies and actions for building safe, resilient and culturally responsive systems. 

If this sounds like something your team or organisation would benefit from, please get in touch and we will walk alongside you to develop a strategy and a process which will anchor your collective learning from the LENS course. 

Session Investment:  $1,495.00 + GST (for leadership teams) 


  • Two-hour facilitated strategy session
  • Tailored CQ strategy playbook for your team/business/organisation
  • Post-session debrief

Get in touch to find out more, we’d love to hear from you!

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