Therapeutic Cultural Discovery Tool

Therapeutic Cultural Discovery Tool
(for practitioners)

This course is designed for youth workers in a variety of settings including residential care, custodial environments and child protection. Using the ‘Therapeutic Cultural Discovery Tool’, this unique professional learning option develops staff capacity to work with children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who have experienced childhood trauma, attachment barriers and disengagement from school. Harnessing a psycho-social approach, this course will strengthen young people’s cultural resilience and emotional regulation skills, and lead to improved wellbeing as well as more inclusive and culturally safe environments. 

All people have a desire to belong and to be included in meaningful ways that acknowledge the whole person. By recognising and responding to the surrounding ecosystem of the child, youth workers and carers help young people to feel a more secure connection to self and others. Furthermore, when young people are empowered with the language and emotional capacity to understand their experiences, we enable them to make better choices. 

At a macro level; this training offers staff a trauma-informed model for developing culturally safe environments, acknowledging culture and celebrating diversity as well as a best-practice framework for Child Safety Plans and complex behaviour responses. 

At a micro level; this therapeutic tool can be used 1:1 with clients or in small groups as a therapeutic process for developing young people’s cultural awareness and emotional insight so that they may feel a greater sense of congruence, belonging and self acceptance. Our trauma-informed process and activity-based facilitation style offers participants the right mix of rigour, critical thinking and structured reflection.

Major themes include:

  • Cultural awareness, identity and resilience
  • Inclusion and belonging 
  • Conformity and resistance 
  • Cultural and intergenerational trauma 
  • Emotional intelligence and mindfulness 
  • Relationships and community