Core & Flex  

A key framework for operating through a new lens is the CORE and FLEX model, which examines knowing your CORE, as well as when you need to FLEX. This allows us to plan and adapt to situations and interactions which are foreign to us, as well as knowing how and when to FLEX into others' CORE.

What is our Core?

* Things we would never do or always do, things we may not or cannot change about ourselves and the way we see things

* This is not just our values or identity, but our behaviours which are core to who we are – they don’t change, they remain the same anywhere we are, without which we are not ourselves

Leaders need to know what is in their Core, because if they are not aware of it – both the good and bad – they will confuse and unsettle themselves, and others, on a regular basis. 

A stronger Core also makes it much easier when you have to Flex.

People respect a strong core and they equally respect ones ability to flex

What is our Flex?

* Aspects of ourselves that we adapt to differing circumstances, which aren’t hardwired into who we are as individuals

Flex itself generally starts with behaviours. Behaviours are very important signifiers as we operate in other cultures, not least because they demonstrate that we have Flex. 

As we start to go beyond behaviours and deeper into Flex, it gets even harder. Flexing how we behave is one thing but Flexing what we believe gets very tough. It has to be done authentically, in good faith, without flinching; otherwise it transmits a false pretence.

Leaders with CQ have a known and visible core but also have the ability to flex this when encountering different people, environments and situations.