Why we do it

Being culturally responsive is an ongoing and dynamic process; we strive to create authentic partnerships with relevant community leaders and agencies to cultivate ongoing collaboration and immersion. In response to our ever-increasing culturally diverse society, Mahana’s LENS course hinges on our Vā Conceptual Framework; offering a relational space which encompasses culture and context, towards increased understanding and inclusion. Our Vā, or the space between us, prioritises the importance of developing relationships and designing learning which embraces culture, connectedness and the broader ecosystems of individuals. 

Similar to emotional intelligence; being culturally intelligent (CQ) is a learnt, cognitive skill in which difference and diversity is recognised, acknowledged and leveraged. Organisational cultures rich in CQ nurture and develop people, practices and policies toward increased awareness of self and others, sharpened curiosity based on an appreciation for diverse ways of seeing and being, and continuous improvement due to an unconditional determination to understand (Gabor Mate). As such, CQ individuals and systems are agile, dynamic, innovative, robust and responsive.