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Mahana Culture awakens cultural dignity

Most people, particularly in the developed world, know little of the deep influence culture and cultural dignity have on their thinking and behaviour.

Many don’t recognise they have a culture at all.

Successfully exploring and recapturing your own heritage intensifies the lens through which you see others’ cultures.

When you approach the river of humanity without your own cultural story, you can’t fully understand how other cultures flow. And so you can’t work effectively with populations different to your own, unless you develop cultural intelligence.

Developing Cultural Intelligence

Mahana Culture guides you through your own backgrounds, teaches the importance of story, develops cultural intelligence, and provides strategies to integrate diversity and inclusion into productive workplace action.

Through our world first Culture Connects conversation, workshops and course, you’re immersed in diverse cultures relevant to your personal and professional life. You learn to see and hear cultural stories from a different perspective, while you share your own.

Then you embed the learning in a collegial setting over intense experiences. Group dynamics, led by innovators in cultural thinking and teaching, will change your cultural perspective, and transform your life.


‘Culture is not just something that ‘others’ have, we all benefit from knowing and connecting to our culture and our ability to make these connections may aid others to connect with their cultures, or at least make us more culturally intelligent in working with others.’

2017 Culture Connects program participant

‘This training has opened my mind to the importance of understanding others’ cultures. I will take the information with me, not only in my professional life but in all other aspects of my life.’

2017 Culture Connects program participant

‘It’s changed everything! I know now that I have a culture and that everyone has a culture that is important and that we all share some common ground. I know I will make use of what I have learned and hope that there will be a reunion refresher session so we can keep in touch and keep our skills and knowledge fresh. I cannot thank you enough.’

2017 Culture Connects program participant

‘A greater understanding on a variety of different ethnic backgrounds after Day 3, it was great to have open and honest conversations with people from other cultural backgrounds. I have learnt the importance of building our own cultural tale, and how knowing your own tale can help celebrate the tales of people we work with.’

2017 Culture Connects program participant

‘Everything. CQ [cultural intelligence] is integral to our wellbeing and making connections to others. I am so lucky to have been involved in this training. Mahana!’

2017 Culture Connects program participant

‘It’s helped me to find a direction in cultural intelligence and put concepts and strategies to the ideas I already had forming. It’s helped me to feel confident and that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as your goal is connecting and valuing cultures; that culture comes to the core of our work.’

2017 Culture Connects program participant